Yaakov's corner

Graduate research can be challenging, and there is more learning that happens on the process of conducting it than in the classroom or design board.  This page provides students with lessons learned and other experiences that took place in the process of research so as to inform graduate students' work and facilitate the attainment of their academic goals.

Lesson's Learned

This is a place to share the collective learning that graduate students have achieved in the process of their research. They say that a wise man learns from the mistakes of others and that an intelligent man learns from his own mistakes.  By sharing our different mistakes, we help each other maximize the graduate school experience because we bring to the table all the practical lessons that happen out of the classroom.  Site under construction

Doctoral Research

This is place to showcase ongoing Ridgway Center affiliated PhD research with the goal of helping other graduate students in their own research and professional interests.  PhD research allows for the levels of depth and detail that are, sometimes, out of the scope that research papers or policy memos can have.  Therefore, this space can provide important resources that can avoid time and effort to graduate students working on research and policy products. Site under construction

Graduate Research

Graduate research in Ridgway is very diverse and provides different important applications and recommendations to current security and defense policy issues.  Here, we showcase different research and policy works done by current graduate students working towards a Security and Intelligence degree.  Site under construction