Geopolitics of Space

Entering its second year, the Ridgway Outer Space Working Group investigates pertinent national security issues related to outer space and geopolitics. This group presents a unique opportunity to think creatively about world power, learn and exercise graduate-level research skills, and interface with military leaders through its engagement with the U.S. Space Force.

Under development is a paper aimed at informing key government officials of the renewed importance of space activities in national diplomacy and defense strategy. The paper will examine (1) the history of outer space in such areas; (2) different global viewpoints on space activities and how they compare to the stance of  the U.S.; and (3) current events and the relevance of increased satellite proliferation, recent military activities in space, and upcoming space threats. Finally, the working group members will propose key action steps and decision points which will allow the U.S. to succeed in the modern-day space race.

Faculty Advisor: Lt. Colonel James Straub