Join GSPIA's Ford Institute for Human Security, Global Links and Pitt Public Health in welcoming Dr. Duniesky Cintra Cala and Justo Manuel Cardenas Rodriguez to present their work on the Pan American Health Organization-World Health Organization's work in Cuba. 

They will discuss the multi-faceted public health challenges the island faces, the organization's principles of cooperation, and how Pittsburgh-based international partnerships have positively affected the Cuban health system's resilience-building and sustainability measures. 

About the speakers

  • Dr. Duniesky Cintra Cala has worked extensively in Cuba’s health system, specializing in comprehensive and integrated general medicine. As the consultant for emergencies and disasters and life courses, Cintra focuses on childhood, adolescent, and sexual and reproductive health, as well as health emergencies. 
  • Justo Manuel Cardenas Rodriguez  is a PAHO-WHO administrator with over 25 years of experience in the field of public health. Cardenas specializes in the coordination of natural disaster emergency response within PAHO-Cuba, as well as in other agencies within the U.N. in Cuba.