Chad Serena (PhD, '10) and Colin Clarke (PhD, 12) Explore Current Issues in Global Security

By Elizabeth Moody

GSPIA alumni Chad Serena, a political scientist, and Colin Clarke, an associate political scientist at the RAND Corporation, recently produced two editorials published by Reuters.  In their article, “A new kind of battlefield awaits the U.S. military – megacities,” they write on the growing trend of warfare in cities, especially in cities with a population of ten million or greater, and explore the unique challenges that urban combat presents.  They argue that in order to adapt to new battlefields and defeat violent non-state actors while protecting civilians, improvements in monitoring, collecting, and interpreting data are imperative.

In their commentary “Islamic State may be down, but it’s far from out,” Serena and Clarke explore the current status of the Islamic State and caution that despite territorial losses, diminished finances and plummeting recruitment numbers, the US cannot become complacent.  They stress that the US and its allies must view recent developments in the context of a long-term counterinsurgency, and prepare for changes in the Islamic State’s tactics. 

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